About Robert

I'm a retired computer systems analyst who has been doing woodworking as a hobby ever since my high school years. The
hobby started to take off after I was married and could afford to purchase tools. To build my projects I would borrow
my father-in-law's old Craftsman mini table saw and haul it to the basement of the house where we were renting an
apartment. My early projects were mainly furniture items that included a 7 foot desk, a stereo cabinet, and an 8 foot
wide bookcase. As you can see, my first projects were somewhat oversized. When we bought our house the hobby took a
backseat for about 10 years while I remodeled every room in the house. Walls came down, went up, or moved. I added a
deck, a utility room, a master bedroom/bath suite, and a backyard barn. When the hobby resumed it had evolved into
smaller projects, mostly toys, decor, and holiday items. The toys were mainly donated to local charitable organizations to
be used to assist in fund-raising. The decor and holiday items were used mainly as gifts for family members. In the
recent past I've done a few larger items such as a Shaker wall clock, a corner computer desk, raised panel bi-fold doors,
a child's armoire and companion toybox. However, the child in me still enjoys making the whimsical items the most.

Monster Truck



Log Trailer

Mallard Whirligig

Farmers Wagon

Business Card Holder

Dump Truck